About us

About us

Where food meets fun...

Welcome to El Paso, a culinary gem in the heart of Sheffield, where Mexican and Italian flavours blend to dance on your palate. Celebrating a decade in our stunning new premises on Cumberland Street, El Paso continues to redefine the dining experience.

Established for over 20 years, El Paso has evolved into a culinary haven with a captivating Latin interior, adorned with vibrant Latin American canvases sharing tales of culture and warmth.

For the past decade, El Paso has gone above and beyond to ensure every customer has a great time. Our unique culture and unwavering commitment towards our aspiration ensure that quality is never compromised.

At El Paso, we believe in crafting experiences, not just serving food. Catch our staff dancing, sharing laughter, and going the extra mile to accommodate your needs. It is not just a meal; it is a celebration of life, where every guest is a cherished part of our story.

Join us at El Paso, where every dish is a masterpiece, every moment is a celebration, and every guest is a family.

Delicious and

Authentic Food

Our meals are freshly prepared to order using the very best ingredients, fresh herbs and spices. Our Mexican dishes offer a spicy kick, if you can handle the heat! But don't worry, they're not all spicy, we have some fresh and tasty dishes for you to devour.
For those with a love for Italian, we have many classics to choose from including our tasty pasta dishes (the Bolognese is a must try!) and a range of authentic Italian pizzas.


Cocktail Bar

Step into our lively cocktail bar at El Paso, where we've got more than 30 amazing cocktails waiting for you. What's cool? Unlike other places, we don't use pre-mixes. Nope, everything is made fresh, just for you.
And here's a tip: our Happy Hour, with discounted cocktails, is between 5 to 7 pm.
Our mixologists will whip you up one of our amazing cocktails from our menu, or why not challenge them to make something just for you?
So, swing by, grab a seat, and enjoy a fresh and tasty drink made by our awesome mixologists.
Or if you realy ! really !! reallly !!! love cocktails, why not enquire about our cocktail masterclasses? Perfect for your inner mixologist!